Friday, June 22, 2012

Golden Friends Celebrating a Golden Anniversary

Our very good friends and neighbors are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Well, actually their children are surprising them with an anniversary party.  (It's a secret, so be careful not to say anything.)

I knew I wanted to make the heart shaped bridal gown and tuxedo cookies that I have always admired.  I am not fond of black cookies, so this was a "golden" opportunity to create the tux in another color.  While I like the gold tux for a cookie, I certainly hope that Ron did not actually wear one of these back in 1962 (but it is a definite possibility)!

Since I was creating platters of cookies for their guests to enjoy, I wanted more than just heart cookies.

I added the wedding cake, diamond ring, and "joy."   I know this is really a Christmas cutter, but it fits so many special occasions and can be used year round.

I have a confession to make. . .  the Cookie Fairy helped me with this collection. 

While I iced them, I was not happy with the colors or the designs.  Nothing seemed right.  I worked late into the night in order to finish them and went to bed feeling slightly defeated. 

My Cookie Fairy, however, spun her magic during the night as I slept, because the collection in morning's light was much nicer than I had remembered!

This is how the tray was arranged, but I had a slight problem.  I had more cookies than one tray could hold.

Easy solution!  I arranged another tray and REALLY stacked the cookies.

Ron and JoAnn's family and friends will have lots of cookies to enjoy during the celebration, but I also wanted them to have their own special selection.  (After 50 years, they DESERVE their own cookies!)

Thanks to BRP of Clinton, Iowa,, I had the perfect box for this personal gift.

Happy Golden Anniversary, Ron and JoAnn!  Cookie Cheers for even sweeter years!

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  1. Beautiful work my friend. I am sure the happy couple will be pleased with all the effort you made to make their celebration a special one.