Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicks Just Wanna Have Fun

I have so many Easter cookie cutters that I need to store them in one of my larger containers, and yet one of my favorite designs is the simple oval done as a little chick popping out of an egg.

It is simplicity at its best.  It makes me smile.  Isn't that what decorated sugar cookies are suppose to do? 

I added a few "Peeps" to the colorful collection and hopefully have a set of cookies that will make the grandkids smile.

Grandpa's Carrots

I've been decorating cookies for approximately three years. 
My husband has occasionally joked, "Want my help? or Which ones do you want me to frost?" 

I know my father-in-law was known to frost a few rabbits over the years when Grandma Carroll was running short on time before a holiday.  Perhaps my hubby wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.  Perhaps I subconsciously used Tom Sawyer trickery (persuading friends that painting the white picket fence was SO much fun).

This time when he offered to ice the carrots, I handed him the RI bottle.  After all, there is very little that can be done wrong with a carrot!  He did finish all of the greenery and knew that he should let it dry before continuing with the orange. 

When enough time passed, I called him back to the table and handed him the orange RI.  He diligently worked on six of them and decided it was time to go to bed.  (He has the same attention span as the grandkids.)

I packed up all of the cookies and put them away early in the morning.  He later asked if I took pictures.  He honestly looked disappointed when I told him that I had forgotten, so I unpacked some of the cookies and took a photo of "Gregg's first cookies".

So, Kendra, Kylie, Jack, and Ben, be sure to reach for the carrot cookies first and "oooh" and "ahhhh" at how cute they are . . . just for Grandpa!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Elmo . . . Round 2

Ready for Payton's Party 2012
Nothing like sunshine and smiles, which easily describes the day that Elmo was done and ready to party.

My first Elmo in 2009
This was actually my second run at Elmo cookies.  My first batch was done three years ago when I first began this cookie adventure.  Fortunately, I can compare the two versions and see some personal growth in my skills (or more tips and tricks in my back pocket).

Happy Faces 2012
These are going to Payton, celebrating her second birthday.  She loves Elmo, so hopefully she loves these cookies as well! 

At least I won't be there to clean up red and black frosting faces. 

Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fireman Jack Turns 3!

Our little fireman celebrated his third birthday in true fireman style.  Last Easter, we gave Jack a fireman raincoat and boots, which has been his "uniform" for the past year.  Grandpa Zaban has equipped Jack with every version of firetruck he can possibly find as well as a video that taught Jack how to slide down a pole and jump into his clothes when the siren sounds. Jack visited the Frankfort Firehouse several times and has stopped at the Kenosha station for unofficial inspections in the past few months.  So . . . it was no surprise when I got a call from Jack requesting "Sire" cookies for his birthday.  He didn't really care if I brought Grandpa to his party, but he wanted to be sure I would have cookies with me! 

Of course, Grandma made a variety for all the little ones to sample during the party.  Jack reached for the trucks.  Brother Ben had to shadow Jack.  Kylie liked the dalmation dogs, as did Kendra. None of the kids wanted a small cookie . . . bigger is better . . . small is for babies.

I also made firetrucks with the "3" done in a hose design.  These were bagged up with "3's" and "J's" decorated with dalmation spots or a firehose.  In addition to giving them to those of us at his party, Jack shared them with his babysitter, pediatrician, and guys back at the fire station in Kenosha.

Seriously, THIS is why I make cookies!  The little ones are so excited to open the tin and to share with their friends.  (For once, we got a picture of a grandchild holding the cookie facing the camera!)
Kylie, Kendra, Jack and Ben . . . The four of you make my life sweeter!