Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Want My Mummy!

Cookie Friend and I are always emailing "KISS" when we discuss our plans to make cookies.  "Keep It Simple, Silly!" (Don't cut too many different designs that require more colors than we have bottles to fill.  Focus on just a few!)  For once, I did follow my own advice.
I wanted to make a batch of Halloween cookies for the grandkids, who we will see this weekend.  Jack-o-Lanterns are a given, but I had to decide what I would add into the mix.  Ghosts would be easily recognizable by toddlers.  Then I remembered a blog tutorial for mummy cookies.  I have never made mummies, so now was the perfect time.  Pumpkins and ghosts and mummies, oh my!

Unfortunately, I did not have the wide flat tip with me when it was time to wrap my mummy, so I detailed in simple lines.  I liked the black detailing, but then I remembered that these cookies are for children 1 to 3 years old.  Black doesn't look too good in drool; nor is it easy to wash out of clothes.  After a few mummies detailed in black, I switched to white-on-white.  Since they are for grandchildren, the heart was mandatory!

Mummies are white, so I implemented my creative license and iced my ghosts in purple, green and pale orange.  The variety of colors makes a boo-tiful tin of cookies to celebrate the season!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Days!

The Lake Carroll Yacht Club was hosting a sock hop, so I created a collection of cookies for the dessert table and also a bouquet for a door prize. 

The toughest part of making these cookies was deciding what to include.  I chose bowling shirts (King Pins), bowling pins and ball, sun glasses, dresses with poodles on the skirt, convertibles, malts, records, musical notes, juke boxes, and saddle shoes. 

The shoes were absolutely my favorite!

Fashionably Fun Birthday Cookies

Our granddaughters' babysitter requested cookies for her daughter's sleepover party.  Melanie just redecorated her bedroom in hot pink, black and white, so we decided to stay with that color scheme.  The invitations were birthday cakes, so the main cookie was a cake dripping in frosting and topped with 9 candles to mark her 9th birthday! Melanie is a very stylish gal, so the zebra print on her initial seemed to fit her personality.

Happy Halloween

 Jack-o-Lanterns can be frightening, so these "Jack n Jill's" have happy, friendly faces!  These were bagged for our granddaughter's soccer team, celebrating the end of the season.  They were so gosh, darn cute that I bagged them up for the Woman's Club Bake Sale as well.

I have two Candy Corn cutters.  One is 3 inches.  The other is an Itsy.  These little nibblers are addictive and dress up any platter!