Monday, February 20, 2012

Ben Turns One!

Curious George for Curious Ben.
It's official!  We have no more babies in the family.  The littlest of the grandkids turned one.  The theme for his birthday party was Curious George, so Grandma was busy creating plenty of monkey cookies. 

Of course, just monkey cookies would be way to easy.  Grandma had to throw in some bananas, balloons, candles and special message cookies as well.

A little cookie variety for Ben's Birthday platter.

Cake was a Smash Hit!

Look at this happy little guy!  He loved his party.  All the cousins had such fun. 

New Year's Resolution for 2012

Spreading some cookie sunshine on Ben's first birthday.
Ok, it's 2012.  I admit it.  I was naughty in 2011.  I posted cookie photos to Flickr but did not continue my blog entries.  Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs sat idle for 12 months, but things are about to change.

Please understand that I am a grandma, mom, or friend who likes to create special memories for those I love with cookies crafted just for them.  I do not expect a thousand followers.  I will not merit commercial endorsements.  This is my online scrapbook of cookies.  Plain and simple.  Genuine and generic.

You will not find tutorials here.  I can barely remember how I stumbled through a cookie, so step-by-step directions just aren't going to happen.  A batch of cookies take me two days, so how would I ever find the time to stop and take award-winning, perfect lighting photos? 

Here is my New Year's resolution (almost 2 months late):  I will continue my blog, photo journaling all of my special treats for my special someones.    Plain and simple, Cookie Cheers to all!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Cookies for a CASA Cause

What better cookies to post after being away from my blog for over a year than cookies requested for a CASA fundraiser?   CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) relies on donations and fundraisers to maintain services after grants have been cut from their budget.   

A member of the Board specifically requested a heart featuring the organization's logo and colors with the phrase "CASA cares."