Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Bee Well" Bouquet

I gave a small thank you bouquet to a neighbor last summer for throwing our newspapers on the porch while we were away on vacation. She remembered the arrangement and wanted to send a larger one to a friend battling cancer. The combination of bumble bees and daisies seemed cheerful and much more reasonable than flowers!

When assembling a bouquet, I like to wrap the individual cookies, so they stay fresh for the recipient. Because of the rain and wind we were experiencing today, I also put a basket bag over the entire arrangement. This bouquet contained ten cookies: bees, a hive, daisies and a message heart. If I know the recipient, it is easier to design a bouquet in his or her favorite color or to match a hobby or special interest. They do make great gifts without requiring a trip to the mall!

One Year Anniversary

It seems appropriate that I start this blog on my first anniversary, because I've only just begun!

My cookie baking adventure began with Move It, Move It cookies for my granddaughter's second birthday. CookieFriend came to my house and helped me decorate hippos, zebras, giraffes, and lions as birthday treats for Kendra's party. Silly me didn't even take a picture of my first creations!

Kendra's third birthday marks one year of dozens of sugar cookies, a multitude of mistakes gladly eaten by my husband, an endless addiction to cookie cutters, and hopefully a special connection with those I love.

This year's party theme is princess, so crowns and magic wands seemed fitting in the royal colors of purple and pink. If you would like to check out my accumulation of cookies during my first year, you can visit Frosted Fantasies at: