Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't Escape the Green and Gold!

After attending Elk Grove High School and then returning there on staff, I've had many years of green and gold (as well as a closet full of clothes in the same colors).  It seems only natural that an order from a teacher be for cookies in the same school colors.  Instead of the Grenadiers, they are for two Gator football players.  

It is school tradition that the football players give a jersey to a favorite teacher to wear on the Friday of Homecoming Week.  Two of the teachers wanted treat bags for the students when they returned the jerseys.  Can you guess what their names and team numbers are?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Heads? or Tails?

Cute from any angle!  (Sorry, I can't seem to get this photo rotated!!!)  These little pig heads and tails were created as part of a collection for our neighbor's annual pig roast.  This is the second year that we have been invited and are unable to attend.  Last year, our dog had surgery.  This year, we have a family wedding.  We hate missing out on so much fun!
I am hoping that a platter of cookies will keep the invitations coming.  I would hate to be dropped from the guest list.  A tray of various pig cookies will be doing a "Jigga, Jig, Jig" all the way to Harper's for their tenth annual pig roast.  Wish we could be there, Tom and Joanne!