Thursday, June 17, 2010

A "Maivelous" Birthday Celebration


Our friends from Sesame Street have gathered for Maive's first birthday.

They were fun to create and make such a colorful tray of cookies!

This is the last of my cookie orders.  May and June have been busy months with graduations, wedding showers, and tot birthdays (When you surround yourself with teachers, the tot birthdays tend to be in late spring to coordinate with the school calendar and summer break :)

Happy Birthday, Maive!  Thanks for the opportunity to try my hand at these delightful characters.  May they bring you as many smiles as they have given me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet on Sesame Street!

Let me introduce you to my new friends from Sesame Street!

Cookie Monster came to visit when it was time for Kylie's first birthday.  A flower cutter, blue frosting and google eyes . . . a piece of cake!  (I mean cookie.)

A week later, another one-year-old was having a Sesame Street birthday.  Elmo was to be the star of Maive's tray of cookies.  I promised to deliver the jolly red character, along with Cookie Monster and some balloons with the little one's name and her age.

I soon realized that you can't break up a strong trio of characters!  The infamous yellow bird just had to be included.  I used the same cutter, but this time with yellow RI and a beak. 

Big Bird's eyes required a little more detail than his friends, but he was worth the extra effort!  Together, they create the "wow" factor with those vibrant colors.

These popular faces don't just appear overnight . . . well, actually, they do!  I piped all of the black details and had to let them dry overnight to prevent "bleeding" into the other colors. 

In the early morning, I began the "flood".  It's like coloring inside the lines, except you use very thin Royal Icing.  Once I squeeze out the color, I use a toothpick to close up any gaps between the flood and the black piping.  Long process, but great results!  (I will forgive my husband for saying that Big Bird looks more like Jimmy Durante with the big nose!  What do men know?) 

It will be fun to hear which cookie is Maive's favorite!  The total collection for Maive will be posted separately.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off to Mizzou!

Some of the orders for graduation parties were made to feature the college that the graduate would be attending rather than the high school colors . . . Out with the old, and on with the new!

As many cutters as I have, I always discover that I am missing "just the right one."  Erin's mom originally inquired about Tiger cookies for the University of Missouri.  When I researched purchasing various cutters, they were all larger than my usual 3 inch cookie.  I was afraid of just doing the tiger face and having it look more like the Frosted Flakes Tony.  Fortunately, we decided on an alternate approach . . . tiger paw prints and tiger print "M's" for Mizzou.  Actually, I think their guests will be more entertained by the creativity in the platter than if they were actual tigers.

Congrats to Warren Township H.S. grad, Erin, and best wishes as she prepares for her freshman year at Mizzou . . . wear that gold and black proudly!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slice of Summer

My daughter emailed me asking for "just a few cookies" to thank a neighbor.  She said they could be anything.  Since I have been busy with actual orders, there were no "spares" sitting in my freezer, and this meant another batch before Sunday. 

My mind was racing as I prepared the dough.  "What do I make that I can get double use out of?"  (Yes, I could make different cookies, but I was trying to avoid mixing more colors of RI.  Did I mention that I have been busy with orders?) 

I have a ladies get-together after golf in the coming week, and cookies would be great to take for new friends.  I decided to repeat my "fruit salad."  (l) The designs are refreshing and represent summer.  (2)  They were something I had done previously and didn't require a lot of detailed piping.  (3)  I don't know any of these people well enough to be making bikini's and flip flops :)

Regardless of the cookie designs, packaging is always a challenge!  I joke with my quilting friends that I am so envious.  When they finish a blanket, it can be rolled up and tied with a ribbon.  They don't have to worry about keeping things fresh, avoiding breakage, or overall presentation.  All this tissue and ribbon adds up!

Online orders usually require quantity buying, and shipping can double the expense.  Dollar Stores or craft stores that offer coupons have become my best friend!  These cupcake boxes were purchased with a 40% off coupon.  The pattern seemed great for summer, and I was able to stack a dozen cookies.  It's cuter, safer, and cheaper than a plate covered with plastic.  The trick is to have them on hand for the next last minute order for "just a few cookies."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She Said, "Yes!"

This was an order for 6 dozen wedding gown cookies to be used as favors for a wedding shower.

The friend also requested a bouquet of hearts. I thought that would be too simple and decided to include cookies that represented Laura's big day.

Her mom suggested the "Live, Laugh, Love". Rather than putting that saying on one cookie, I decided to put each wish on a heart by itself. Her bridesmaid's dresses are Sangria. As much as I tried to mix colors to match the ribbon sample, I could not replicate Sangria. Thus, the words on the cookies and all detailing were done in white, which really has an elegant effect. By mixing just a touch of pink/red tissue in with the white, the bouquet didn't look bland.

The dresses were created by using a new copper cutter from Ecrandal. The people there are very accommodating and come highly recommended by other "cookiers."

The "mother-of-the-bride-to-be" was kind enough to send me a picture of Laura with her bouquet at the shower.  Special blessings and warm wishes to Laura and Bob as their big day approaches!

Kylie's Kookies

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Kylie Mae! Grandma sends her love and cookies!

Big Sister Kendra had Elmo for her first birthday, so she decided that Kylie should have Cookie Monster for her party. The Sesame Street faces are so well known that it isn't that difficult to make the characters. His googly eyes and huge grinning mouth are recognizable trademarks. The smile on this happy guy is almost as big as Kylie's!

Ironically, I have a "Sesame Street" order next week for another girl turning one. It will be fun to try my decorating hand with Elmo and Big Bird! Cookies are such fun!