Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Cherry Blossom Celebration!

During the month of April, Pam of CookieCrazie posted a tutorial on Cherry Blossom cookies.  I really thought they were pretty and wanted to give her tutorial a try.  I got the perfect chance when I looked at the calendar and realized that after 3 long years of classes, our daughter-in-law was finishing her Administrative Type 75 program and another Masters.  Now, you might be asking, how do cherry blossoms become graduation cookies?  Wave the magic wand . . .
Throw in a diploma and Anna's monogram.

If you are putting them on a platter, listen to that Cookie Artisan inner voice and be sure to have a message cookie and do some planning. 

Ordinarily, that would be the end of it, but I also wanted these to be a gift from her girls.  We don't live close, so it was hard to make them part of the baking and decorating process, so I did the next best thing.


I brought some blank cookies and the food markers to the girls and let them loose.  Now, perhaps it would have been more eye appealing to limit their colors to my palette, but they are five and three.  More Colors = More Fun = More Love for Mom!  They were so pleased with the results.

Little Kylie almost blabbed our secret to her mom, but we were able to distract her.  We kept the cookies and made a special delivery the next morning to Anna's school.  The girls were so proud to take their special treat to mom.
A special hug goes out to all our children for being dedicated teachers.  We know how hard it is balance your professional and family commitments.