Friday, June 29, 2012

Look Who's Coming to the Picnic!

What speaks summer more than watermelon?  That combination of pink and green is so cool and refreshing, so I decided to bake a batch to escape the heat.

Cookie Crazy had a wonderful tutorial on how to create the ant.

Thank you, Pam for the detailed step-by-step directions to turn my flip-flop cutter into a cute little creature.

Glorious Treats posted a tutorial on gingham checks using the spray coloring or an airbrush.  It looked much easier when Glory described it, but perhaps that is because I used my slated spatula.  I will need to cut a template and try my hand at this again. 

I am hoping the kids enjoy their summer cookies.  They all love bugs, except Kylie.  She loves watermelon, though!

I hope you are "in the pink" on this hot summer day!

I Scream for Ice Cream on the 4th of July!

In addition to some stars, I created ice cream bars and and popsicles in the traditional red, white and blue colors.
The confetti cookie (created by Sweet Sugar Belle) seemed like the perfect addition to a holiday marked with fireworks.  A few of those will be tossed on to the dessert plate as well.

Here's hoping you have a cool 4th of July!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Golden Friends Celebrating a Golden Anniversary

Our very good friends and neighbors are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Well, actually their children are surprising them with an anniversary party.  (It's a secret, so be careful not to say anything.)

I knew I wanted to make the heart shaped bridal gown and tuxedo cookies that I have always admired.  I am not fond of black cookies, so this was a "golden" opportunity to create the tux in another color.  While I like the gold tux for a cookie, I certainly hope that Ron did not actually wear one of these back in 1962 (but it is a definite possibility)!

Since I was creating platters of cookies for their guests to enjoy, I wanted more than just heart cookies.

I added the wedding cake, diamond ring, and "joy."   I know this is really a Christmas cutter, but it fits so many special occasions and can be used year round.

I have a confession to make. . .  the Cookie Fairy helped me with this collection. 

While I iced them, I was not happy with the colors or the designs.  Nothing seemed right.  I worked late into the night in order to finish them and went to bed feeling slightly defeated. 

My Cookie Fairy, however, spun her magic during the night as I slept, because the collection in morning's light was much nicer than I had remembered!

This is how the tray was arranged, but I had a slight problem.  I had more cookies than one tray could hold.

Easy solution!  I arranged another tray and REALLY stacked the cookies.

Ron and JoAnn's family and friends will have lots of cookies to enjoy during the celebration, but I also wanted them to have their own special selection.  (After 50 years, they DESERVE their own cookies!)

Thanks to BRP of Clinton, Iowa,, I had the perfect box for this personal gift.

Happy Golden Anniversary, Ron and JoAnn!  Cookie Cheers for even sweeter years!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Graduation Cookies for Hunter

Some cookiers are bored with graduation caps and diplomas, but that is exactly what grads want for their celebration.  Lately, I have had requests for cookies that represent the college they will be attending in the fall as well as a nod to the high school they are leaving.  Some colors are easier to blend the two worlds, and I was lucky this time with blue and gold and then red and white.

I followed Sweet Sugar Belle's tutorial on confetti cookies to add a festive touch.  I also modified my grad cap based on some I had seen by very talented Alyson of Corner House Cookies

When you are in charge of the decorating bag, it is easy to take liberty and modify a few things.  I do not like red cookies.  A touch of red is fine, but I avoid a base of red whenever possible.  (Why invite blotches and bad taste to spoil the party?)  I worried about too much white, so I threw in some athletic gray shirts with the Indiana logo in red. 

Best wishes, Hunter, as you head off to Indiana University!

Sun, Sand, Sharks . . . Must Be Summer!

Shark cookies, based on creations by Dessert Place.
 Our grandson (3) is mesmerized with programs about the ocean and specifically hammer sharks.  I decided we needed shark cookies for his visit to the lake this weekend.  Hopefully, the children participating in the Fishing Derby won't be frightened.  I have a tray for them as well.

Nothing speaks summer more than sandals and bare feet.  The girls will enjoy these after an afternoon at the pool or a ride on the boat.

Happy Summer!  Be sure to wear that sunscreen!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gallop Over to the Birthday Party!

 We really aren't sure why Kylie chose a "horse" theme for her third birthday.  When I asked if she meant "My Little Pony," she shook her head, "No (Silly Grandma!)." 

Her mom created an invitation with a cute pink horse and polka dots, so a cookie was born!  I used the brush embroidery technique for the horse's mane and tail.  (Thank you, Ali Bee,
for teaching us brush embroidery at Spring Fling.)  Of course, there had to be some bling on this horse, so the brushed areas received a touch of disco dust.  (That stuff should really be called Magic Dust!  Love!)

Favors are nice, but the kids enjoy munching on cookies during the party, so I created a platter which included two special cookies.  The birthday cake with candle is huge.  Of course, the birthday girl reached for that one first!  Adults tend to pick out the smallest cookies . . . and return to the platter several times (hoping no one will notice).  Thus, the reason for stars . . .

Speaking of stars . . . here are some of my reasons for making cookies . . .

Kylie (3) chose the biggest cookie . . . or did she really recognize her name?

Little Ben (16 months) lights up when he sees a cookie tin.

"Please, Mommy, just one more . . . again."

Jack (3) took his "Giddy Up" cookie to the great outdoors. 
Kendra (5) was busy playing.  I wasn't able to snap a cookie picture of her.

Kylie, our Giddy Up Girl, celebrating a third birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kylie!  Thanks for inviting us over to your stable  (complete with your front door decorated as a barn door).  It was a fun party!

Peace, Love, Cookies to All!

Abby's Little Cowboy!

Making cookies can be stressful, especially when you really, really want them to be special.  This was how I felt about Abby's shower cookies.  I posted the shower invitation on my refrigerator and stared at it every time I reached for coffee creamer, ketchup, yogurt, etc.  (which really is quite often!)

The onesie is a wonderful shape to begin with.  You don't have to do much with it, and it melts hearts and earns oooo's and ahhhh's.  Blue was mandatory.  Afterall, Abby is having a boy.  The invitation had a star-shaped button, blue and white gingham, and a cowprint.  mmmmmmm?

Light bulb moment!Put a sheriff's badge (made to look like a button) on the blue onesie, slightly off center.  For variety, throw in cow print onesies.  I wasn't too sure how these would turn out, but I went for it. 

I pulled out the crayons, traced the cutter, and developed my plan.  I studied lasso clip art and hoped that I could pipe "boy" to look like rope with the lasso at the end.

For once, the plan worked.  My new mini star cutter set from (highly recommended) were perfect for fondant star buttons.  My brown food marker and over 120 slash marks on the piped "boy" made it look like rope. There were hesitations along the way, but the finished product was my pride and joy.

It's a magical moment when the work is done and I am able to deliver something that was made as much with my heart as with my hands.

Welcome, Abby's (and Casey's) little cowboy!