Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Golden Reason to Celebrate!

The majority of my cookie orders are for birthdays--children aging 1 to 60!  There are also many baby cookies as shower favors or gifts to the family of the new arrival.  It is a rarity to make cookies for a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage.

A wedding cake cutter with the heart on top seemed fitting for the special occasion.  The white cake is piped in white and features a golden heart and 50.  A monogrammed "B" is centered in the heart to personalize for the Baron's.

Congratulations . . . and Cookie Cheers!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bah Bah, Boy!

There seems to be a run on boys lately.  Please don't tell Gavin, Mitch, and Drew that they are receiving the same cookies.  I was able to create and just multiply by three, because of the timing.  I just hope that the  birth date and weight cookies end up in in the right box!

Before the next boy arrives, I need to find out how to mix a true "baby blue."  It seems that I always end up with more of an aqua color than I had intended.

God Bless the Dobler's and little Gavin . . . blessings to the Boberg's and baby Drew . . . and special prayers to Mitch and his family.  Mitch was premature, but is steadily gaining weight.  He must be anxious to join his family at home!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

The bride-to-be loves cupcakes, so the favor for her wedding shower is cupcakes in the wedding colors of black and white with a hot pink heart topping the cookie.

Rather than lots of black frosting, I decided to create a polka dot liner and then pipe in black.  My next decision wasn't quite as easy.  I couldn't decide how I wanted to create the heart.  I have never used fondant, but my sift-sister, "Cookie Friend", had great results when she used fondant to create her "Cute as a Button" cookies.  Since these cupcake cookies are larger than ones I usually make, I decided a uniform heart in a larger size would have more presence.  So, out came the fondant and heart cutter.  You decide which is better . . . The middle photo has a heart piped in Royal Icing, which I usually do.  The last photo has the fondant heart.  Despite the method, these cookies look cute and romantic tied with a ribbon and heart tag for the wedding shower.

P.S.  I was so happy to receive an email from the bride's mother after the shower.  She told me that everyone loved the cookies, especially the bride!  It is so nice to get feedback and know that the cookies added to the occasion.

Gone Fishin'

I decided to make some fishing cookies for our monthly pot luck meeting of the Fishing Club.  Unfortunately, it was a night when more people brought desserts than salads!  We had plenty of sweet treats.

Having leftovers to take home worked out well, since our grandson was there for a visit at the lake house.  At 17 months, he already recognizes Grandma's cookies!  

The design on the hats is the logo for Lake Carroll.