Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

Christmas is a wonderful time to experiment with new cutters and cookie designs.  In addition to the lovable snowman, there are so many options . . . ornaments, snowflakes, lightbulbs, and Santa's.

In addition to my standard vanilla and almond flavored sugar cookie recipe, I mixed up a batch of "Brownie" cookies for those in the family who enjoy a chocolate fix.  The dark background makes the Royal Icing colors pop.

Merriest of Christmas wishes to . . .
 those who order cookies throughout the year, allowing me to share in their special events . . .
to those fellow crafters who share their passion for cookie decorating on FLICKR,
and to my littlest fans who are part of quality control . . .
Jack, Kendra, and Kylie

Jack will be 2 in March.  He says, "cook" when he wants one of Grandma's cookies.

Kendra likes Princess cookies best, but she wants full-body.  None of this "just the dress" stuff.

Kylie is so sweet that she doesn't need cookies!
It warms my heart when they open the tin and eat two at time
and "Cookie" is one of the first words they learn to speak!

I should probably also throw out a special wish to my husband who happily handles all of my rejects.

Have a wonderful holiday . . .
spread some cheer . . . one cookie at a time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa's Makin' a List

It's Ho-Ho Holiday time, which is the perfect season for cookies!  Last October, I made pumpkin cookie treat bags for the Women's Club bake sale.  They were a hot item and disappeared quickly.

Fortunately, one of the gals remembered my cookies and emailed an order.  Three or four dozen grew into five dozen bagged and personalized cookies for her grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.  I was very impressed that she could compile a list of all 20 with accurate spellings.  (She must have a cheat sheet!)

Santa hats seemed perfect for personalizing.  I was able to write the names and then pipe some cute swirls around the lettering on the band of Santa's hat.  To add some contrasting color, I tossed in a tree.  Of course, Snowmen have such personality that I had to include those as the third cookie in each bag.

This is actually my first order in our new location.  I'm not sure how many calls I will receive.  Whenever I take cookies to events, everyone asks, "Do you do cakes?"  That just isn't my thing.  That's ok.  The grandkids keep my oven on!