Monday, June 4, 2012

Gallop Over to the Birthday Party!

 We really aren't sure why Kylie chose a "horse" theme for her third birthday.  When I asked if she meant "My Little Pony," she shook her head, "No (Silly Grandma!)." 

Her mom created an invitation with a cute pink horse and polka dots, so a cookie was born!  I used the brush embroidery technique for the horse's mane and tail.  (Thank you, Ali Bee,
for teaching us brush embroidery at Spring Fling.)  Of course, there had to be some bling on this horse, so the brushed areas received a touch of disco dust.  (That stuff should really be called Magic Dust!  Love!)

Favors are nice, but the kids enjoy munching on cookies during the party, so I created a platter which included two special cookies.  The birthday cake with candle is huge.  Of course, the birthday girl reached for that one first!  Adults tend to pick out the smallest cookies . . . and return to the platter several times (hoping no one will notice).  Thus, the reason for stars . . .

Speaking of stars . . . here are some of my reasons for making cookies . . .

Kylie (3) chose the biggest cookie . . . or did she really recognize her name?

Little Ben (16 months) lights up when he sees a cookie tin.

"Please, Mommy, just one more . . . again."

Jack (3) took his "Giddy Up" cookie to the great outdoors. 
Kendra (5) was busy playing.  I wasn't able to snap a cookie picture of her.

Kylie, our Giddy Up Girl, celebrating a third birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kylie!  Thanks for inviting us over to your stable  (complete with your front door decorated as a barn door).  It was a fun party!

Peace, Love, Cookies to All!


  1. These are super adorable Donna!!!!

  2. Is it me, or does little Ben look like Grandpa Gregg?

  3. Disco dust is far from's inedible PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER, not to be used on food.

    To keep something edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.