Monday, November 19, 2012

Pass the Turkey for a Touchdown!

My mom is having Thanksgiving dinner for my brother's family and was asking what time they would like dinner served.  I reminded her that the Bears will be playing on Thanksgiving Day, so she could check the TV schedule to know what time it would be SAFE to have dinner. 

There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving and football. 
 I prefer NOT putting one of these on my lawn: 

I also do not want to wear this to our Thanksgiving dinner.( if you do)

So, instead, I made cookies.  Before you think that I am creative and came up with this idea all by myself, I will be honest and admit that these cookies are the result of a very good friend visiting me with some very good wine.  You can see Diane's version here:  As you can see, Diane is very good at sharing.  That is why we call her My Cookie Friend.

I know the Bears wear navy, but that just isn't a good cookie color (what were they thinking???), so I took the liberty of dressing the turkeys in more seasonal tones of the Bear blue and orange.
Thanksgiving and football . . . goes together like mashed potatoes and gravy.

Remember all your blessings this Thanksgiving and take time for hugs (even if you do it during halftime). 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

My granddaughters' Meemo and Papa are moving into a new home this weekend.  I am sure the girls will be excited to see all the space the new house provides, including several bathrooms.  Up until now, whenever all the married children and their families came home for holidays, they shared one bathroom.  Did I mention that the new house also has a pool?  Kendra and Kylie are part fish, so I am sure they will want to spend many summer days!

My Cookie Friend turned me on to cookies in a jar when she sent me stars with a beautiful card.   It was so simple and so striking and meant so much that I decided I wanted to warm a few hearts as Diane had done for me.

I made mini cookies of houses, hearts and trees in Sweet Sugar Belle's fall colors  I piped "Home, Sweet, Home" on several of the hearts.  Then I began assembling my jar.  It is much more difficult than it looks to try and keep the cookies peeking outside the jar and right-side up!  It is also surprising to see how many of those itsy cookies it takes to fill a jar.  I may need to cheat with Easter grass for the next jar!

I shipped the package to the granddaughters with a note that they could give the cookies to their Meemo and Papa when they help them move.  I hope it makes for a pleasant housewarming . . . after all . . .

Home, Sweet Home . . .