Monday, June 4, 2012

Abby's Little Cowboy!

Making cookies can be stressful, especially when you really, really want them to be special.  This was how I felt about Abby's shower cookies.  I posted the shower invitation on my refrigerator and stared at it every time I reached for coffee creamer, ketchup, yogurt, etc.  (which really is quite often!)

The onesie is a wonderful shape to begin with.  You don't have to do much with it, and it melts hearts and earns oooo's and ahhhh's.  Blue was mandatory.  Afterall, Abby is having a boy.  The invitation had a star-shaped button, blue and white gingham, and a cowprint.  mmmmmmm?

Light bulb moment!Put a sheriff's badge (made to look like a button) on the blue onesie, slightly off center.  For variety, throw in cow print onesies.  I wasn't too sure how these would turn out, but I went for it. 

I pulled out the crayons, traced the cutter, and developed my plan.  I studied lasso clip art and hoped that I could pipe "boy" to look like rope with the lasso at the end.

For once, the plan worked.  My new mini star cutter set from (highly recommended) were perfect for fondant star buttons.  My brown food marker and over 120 slash marks on the piped "boy" made it look like rope. There were hesitations along the way, but the finished product was my pride and joy.

It's a magical moment when the work is done and I am able to deliver something that was made as much with my heart as with my hands.

Welcome, Abby's (and Casey's) little cowboy!

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