Monday, July 30, 2012

Spiderman and Super Powers

Meet Jack. 

He's 3 and off to preschool next month. 

Jack recently demonstrated amazing super powers that left his mom and dad cheering (and breathing a sigh of relief).  In one giant leap, he tossed diapers and his pacifier.  He also started telling us he wants to be Spiderman for Halloween.

So, how do you celebrate losing the paci and the Pampers?  You make Spiderman cookies.

I've read several blogs about making Royal Icing transfers and know that My Cookie Friend has had great success with them.  This seemed like the perfect chance to give them a try.  I drew a template of Spiderman's eyes, ensuring that they would fit on his oval face. 

Meet Spiderman.

Well, actually, meet Spiderman's face.  Somehow, giving up the paci and learning to use the potty seemed to merit so much more.

Alas, meet Spiderman, his whole body, complete with a spider emblazed on his chest.  While we are celebrating, let's toss in some boots and a web cookie.

. . . and there you have it.

. . . a super plate of cookies for a boy with super powers.

"I Love You" Yummy Leftovers

Usually leftovers will not entice the family to come running to the kitchen table, but I think I might get exactly that response when the granddaughters come to visit.

I had plenty of Royal Icing left from the last batch of cookies.  Rather than toss it or mix it all together to make black, I decided to create some simple girlie cookies.

What girl doesn't like nail polish or lipstick?  Toss in a few flowers and then a cookie that means so much to me. 

It is sign language for "I love you."  Whenever we say goodbye, my last sight is two little girls waving their hand with fingers carefully in position.

So, Kendra and Kylie, this is my special cookie for my special girls.  

"I love you" back at ya!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ava's ONE-ce Upon a Time

A sweet cookie collection for Ava's First Birthday!

As you can see, little Ava is celebrating her first birthday.  What is sweeter than a one-year-old but a one-year-old with cookies?

Her mom requested a variety of cookies to be packaged up as favors. She specifically asked for a "one" design, but my one cutter is small and really not very impressive. We decided to go an alternate route . . . party hats decorated with a one.

Every princess needs a tiara.  Since this is Ava's celebration, the crowns are decorated with her name (I just love short names).

Ava's party balloons include daisies, so a few of those were tossed into the mix. 

Sweet birthday wishes to Ava!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

CASA Cares

Cookies for a CASA Cause

What better set of cookies to post after being away from the blog for one year than ones requested for a fundraiser

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On!

Step into those Lee jeans and keep on steppin' . . .  

These cookies were made for our line dancing end-of-season celebration.  In addition to the traditional cowboy hats and boots, I wanted to toss in some blue jean pockets.

I pulled out a pair of blue jeans and started detailing with Lee pockets as my guide.

Nothing blue about Boot Scootin' . . .