Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet on Sesame Street!

Let me introduce you to my new friends from Sesame Street!

Cookie Monster came to visit when it was time for Kylie's first birthday.  A flower cutter, blue frosting and google eyes . . . a piece of cake!  (I mean cookie.)

A week later, another one-year-old was having a Sesame Street birthday.  Elmo was to be the star of Maive's tray of cookies.  I promised to deliver the jolly red character, along with Cookie Monster and some balloons with the little one's name and her age.

I soon realized that you can't break up a strong trio of characters!  The infamous yellow bird just had to be included.  I used the same cutter, but this time with yellow RI and a beak. 

Big Bird's eyes required a little more detail than his friends, but he was worth the extra effort!  Together, they create the "wow" factor with those vibrant colors.

These popular faces don't just appear overnight . . . well, actually, they do!  I piped all of the black details and had to let them dry overnight to prevent "bleeding" into the other colors. 

In the early morning, I began the "flood".  It's like coloring inside the lines, except you use very thin Royal Icing.  Once I squeeze out the color, I use a toothpick to close up any gaps between the flood and the black piping.  Long process, but great results!  (I will forgive my husband for saying that Big Bird looks more like Jimmy Durante with the big nose!  What do men know?) 

It will be fun to hear which cookie is Maive's favorite!  The total collection for Maive will be posted separately.


  1. These cookies are just adorable!! I love how you did big bird! Awesome!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting! I was thrilled to deliver this Sesame Street batch. If her guests were half as happy with them as I was, they would be the hit of the party!