Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off to Mizzou!

Some of the orders for graduation parties were made to feature the college that the graduate would be attending rather than the high school colors . . . Out with the old, and on with the new!

As many cutters as I have, I always discover that I am missing "just the right one."  Erin's mom originally inquired about Tiger cookies for the University of Missouri.  When I researched purchasing various cutters, they were all larger than my usual 3 inch cookie.  I was afraid of just doing the tiger face and having it look more like the Frosted Flakes Tony.  Fortunately, we decided on an alternate approach . . . tiger paw prints and tiger print "M's" for Mizzou.  Actually, I think their guests will be more entertained by the creativity in the platter than if they were actual tigers.

Congrats to Warren Township H.S. grad, Erin, and best wishes as she prepares for her freshman year at Mizzou . . . wear that gold and black proudly!

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