Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slice of Summer

My daughter emailed me asking for "just a few cookies" to thank a neighbor.  She said they could be anything.  Since I have been busy with actual orders, there were no "spares" sitting in my freezer, and this meant another batch before Sunday. 

My mind was racing as I prepared the dough.  "What do I make that I can get double use out of?"  (Yes, I could make different cookies, but I was trying to avoid mixing more colors of RI.  Did I mention that I have been busy with orders?) 

I have a ladies get-together after golf in the coming week, and cookies would be great to take for new friends.  I decided to repeat my "fruit salad."  (l) The designs are refreshing and represent summer.  (2)  They were something I had done previously and didn't require a lot of detailed piping.  (3)  I don't know any of these people well enough to be making bikini's and flip flops :)

Regardless of the cookie designs, packaging is always a challenge!  I joke with my quilting friends that I am so envious.  When they finish a blanket, it can be rolled up and tied with a ribbon.  They don't have to worry about keeping things fresh, avoiding breakage, or overall presentation.  All this tissue and ribbon adds up!

Online orders usually require quantity buying, and shipping can double the expense.  Dollar Stores or craft stores that offer coupons have become my best friend!  These cupcake boxes were purchased with a 40% off coupon.  The pattern seemed great for summer, and I was able to stack a dozen cookies.  It's cuter, safer, and cheaper than a plate covered with plastic.  The trick is to have them on hand for the next last minute order for "just a few cookies."

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  1. love your cookies! they are all decorated to perfection!