Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She Said, "Yes!"

This was an order for 6 dozen wedding gown cookies to be used as favors for a wedding shower.

The friend also requested a bouquet of hearts. I thought that would be too simple and decided to include cookies that represented Laura's big day.

Her mom suggested the "Live, Laugh, Love". Rather than putting that saying on one cookie, I decided to put each wish on a heart by itself. Her bridesmaid's dresses are Sangria. As much as I tried to mix colors to match the ribbon sample, I could not replicate Sangria. Thus, the words on the cookies and all detailing were done in white, which really has an elegant effect. By mixing just a touch of pink/red tissue in with the white, the bouquet didn't look bland.

The dresses were created by using a new copper cutter from Ecrandal. The people there are very accommodating and come highly recommended by other "cookiers."

The "mother-of-the-bride-to-be" was kind enough to send me a picture of Laura with her bouquet at the shower.  Special blessings and warm wishes to Laura and Bob as their big day approaches!

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