Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bah Bah, Boy!

There seems to be a run on boys lately.  Please don't tell Gavin, Mitch, and Drew that they are receiving the same cookies.  I was able to create and just multiply by three, because of the timing.  I just hope that the  birth date and weight cookies end up in in the right box!

Before the next boy arrives, I need to find out how to mix a true "baby blue."  It seems that I always end up with more of an aqua color than I had intended.

God Bless the Dobler's and little Gavin . . . blessings to the Boberg's and baby Drew . . . and special prayers to Mitch and his family.  Mitch was premature, but is steadily gaining weight.  He must be anxious to join his family at home!

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