Tuesday, March 5, 2013

May the "Fourth" Be With You, Jack!

The oldest grandson has been asking for Angry Bird Star Wars cookies since the beginning of December.  Jack was disappointed with the Christmas cookies, unimpressed with snowmen, and totally grossed out when he saw Valentine Hearts.  

Part of me secretly hoped that he would outgrow this phase before his birthday rolled around and he asked again, but that certainly didn't happen!

He was turning 4, and the theme of the party was Angry Bird Star Wars!

It was time for the cousins to party and definitely time for cookies . . .

Darth was easy enough, but it took Google and hours on the Internet to research who these characters were and what they were suppose to look like.

I was totally overwhelmed, not knowing anything about these creatures but with Cookie Creations by Jill as my guide and a few glasses of wine to calm my nerves, this cookie mission was accomplished!

I included five different characters and added some lasers to the collection. 

Guess which ones disappeared from the plate first?



Bringing cookies for the grandchildren to share on their birthdays is the greatest joy.

This is why I make cookies . . .
baking memories . . .
one cookie at a time . . .

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  1. I'm so glad you finally posted pictures of Jack and his cousins enjoying the fabulous cookies that you made for his birthday celebration. Your cookies look amazing and I am sure there was joy and love in every bite. Perhaps I will try your secret ingredient and drink a glass of wine prior to my next set of challenging cookies.