Friday, December 7, 2012

Star Light, Star Bright

When my husband passed away last August, my very dear friend surprised me with a jar full of star cookies and a beautiful card.  The Eskimo proverb has been a source of comfort for the past four months, so I decided to "pay-it-forward."

I created favor bags for others who lost loved ones during the past year.  The stars were cut in two different sizes and then spattered with gold luster following Sweet Sugar Belle's tutorial.

As I sat at the Memorial Tree Lighting Service hosted by Hospice, I began to think, "There is no way my husband would be sitting here doing this for me."  Rather than hanging a special ornament in his memory, I should have gone to his local watering hole and raised a beer or two. 

Regardless, those attending seemed to appreciate the cookie gesture.  One woman who lost her husband asked if she could take a second favor for her daughter.  She told me, "She has battled cancer for ten years.  It is close."  So much love in that room.  So many of us holding on to the past,  trying to navigate the present.  I can only hope that some will find comfort as they look to the stars.

May Peace, Love,  & Comfort embrace you this holiday season.

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  1. Gregg would be so proud of your efforts to pay-it-forward. I am happy that the proverb continues to provide you with great comfort and I have no doubt your special cookie packages provided comfort and joy to many of the participants.

    I wanted to send you an ornament with stars, but just couldn't find one that I thought was "just right." The one you placed on the memorial tree is perfect, so I am hopeful that you have one hanging on your tree at home as a special tribute to Gregg.