Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

My granddaughters' Meemo and Papa are moving into a new home this weekend.  I am sure the girls will be excited to see all the space the new house provides, including several bathrooms.  Up until now, whenever all the married children and their families came home for holidays, they shared one bathroom.  Did I mention that the new house also has a pool?  Kendra and Kylie are part fish, so I am sure they will want to spend many summer days!

My Cookie Friend turned me on to cookies in a jar when she sent me stars with a beautiful card.   It was so simple and so striking and meant so much that I decided I wanted to warm a few hearts as Diane had done for me.

I made mini cookies of houses, hearts and trees in Sweet Sugar Belle's fall colors  I piped "Home, Sweet, Home" on several of the hearts.  Then I began assembling my jar.  It is much more difficult than it looks to try and keep the cookies peeking outside the jar and right-side up!  It is also surprising to see how many of those itsy cookies it takes to fill a jar.  I may need to cheat with Easter grass for the next jar!

I shipped the package to the granddaughters with a note that they could give the cookies to their Meemo and Papa when they help them move.  I hope it makes for a pleasant housewarming . . . after all . . .

Home, Sweet Home . . .

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  1. One of the great things about making cookies is the joy that they can bring to others. Meemo and Papa are going to love this gift and I'm sure Kendra and Kylie will be thrilled to present it to them.