Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Sweet Gesture

A sweet gift from my very special Cookie Friend
Let me begin by saying these are NOT my cookies.  Well, they ARE my cookies, but I did not MAKE them.  They were a surprise gift from Diane, My Cookie Friend, and they arrived at a perfect time.

My husband has been cancer-free for twelve years.  He has faced a plethora of medical conditions and aftereffects of chemo and radiation.  He has also watched both our son and daughter marry wonderful individuals, buy their first homes, build admirable careers as coaches and teachers, and begin families of their own.  He held those babies and watched them grow to become the entertaining and exhausting toddlers they are today.
Gregg's greatest joy is being Grandpa to Kendra, Kylie, Jack and Ben.
Three weeks ago a mass was found on his CT.  Three weeks ago our world turned upside down.  His cancer has returned, meaner than ever before.

Cookies cannot cure cancer, but that package from Diane reminded me why we make cookies.  Those cute little shapes, the cheerful colors, the soft bite into the cookie, and the dissolving of icing let me escape from life-changing challenges and remember the peace and joy which has blessed our lives.

The greatest gift, Diane, is your friendship. Thank you for the beautiful cookies.  They touched my heart beyond words.

Peace, Joy, Cookies.
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  1. We smile, laugh and make cookies together, but good friends are also there when you need to face life's difficult challenges. I am here for you.

  2. So sad to read about your husbands illness, it's great to hear you have such a good friend in this terrible time. I truly hope your husband recovers and is there for his grand babies graduations.

    Take care, Marlyn

  3. These cookies are gorgeous...its nice when you have such a good friend to help you through the difficult times...I do hope all goes well for your husband and that you can continue to enjoy all those beautiful moments with your children and grandchildren. God Bless and prayers for all in this difficult time..


  4. Donna I didn't see this post a few weeks ago and I am so terribly sorry to hear of your husband's passing yesterday. My heart and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry. Cristin Sohm