Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ava's ONE-ce Upon a Time

A sweet cookie collection for Ava's First Birthday!

As you can see, little Ava is celebrating her first birthday.  What is sweeter than a one-year-old but a one-year-old with cookies?

Her mom requested a variety of cookies to be packaged up as favors. She specifically asked for a "one" design, but my one cutter is small and really not very impressive. We decided to go an alternate route . . . party hats decorated with a one.

Every princess needs a tiara.  Since this is Ava's celebration, the crowns are decorated with her name (I just love short names).

Ava's party balloons include daisies, so a few of those were tossed into the mix. 

Sweet birthday wishes to Ava!


  1. The colors on these cookies are so pretty and the little hearts are becoming your signature style