Friday, April 27, 2012

Kendra in Wonderland

Let me introduce Alice, at least my cookie interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.
I had an assortment of girl cutters to select from when I knew that I would be creating an Alice cookie. One was rather small. Another had arms that could easily break off in a favor bag. Then this little gal appeared in our goodie bag at Spring Fling! She was perfect, and she was free! Mike and Karen of Karen's Cookies were so generous in their sponsorship of this cookie event.  I digressed . . . let me return to Alice . . .

It is hard to believe our oldest granddaughter will be five and starting kindergarden in the fall.  It was her second birthday that started this cookie journey for me.  Since then, not a birthday has passed (or a grandchild born) without a cookie to commemorate the celebration.  Kendra has been stuck on princess themes for a few years, so her mom was thrilled to hear that Kendra wanted an Alice in Wonderland party for this birthday.  She loves the movie.  I find it a little creepy and didn't want to do any characters that could create nightmares for her young guests.

When I asked Kendra what cookie she wanted as a party favor, she told me in a rather matter of fact tone, "Grandma, you take a circle and you cover it in black.  That's the black hole that Alice falls into."  That would have been just too simple!

Instead, Grandma pulled out the crayons and the cutters, drawing some other possibilities for party favors.  Kendra is rather selective.  A dress is NOT Alice.  She wants a face.  I tried to sneak one by with just eyes, but Kendra quickly told me, "I like this one, but add a smile."

So, smiles she does . . . I also made a key and the Cheshire cat to keep Alice company in the favor basket.

Hopefully, this small assortment isn't a problem when handing them out to guests.  I usually like a selection of one for small children, but if the granddaughter asks for three . . . Grandma makes three . . . grandparent law, right?

Happy 5th birthday, Sweet Kendra!  Please don't grow up too quickly!
Kendra and sister Kylie.

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  1. Aawwww... these are so cute! It would have been hilarious if u did the black hole cookies!