Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year's Resolution for 2012

Spreading some cookie sunshine on Ben's first birthday.
Ok, it's 2012.  I admit it.  I was naughty in 2011.  I posted cookie photos to Flickr but did not continue my blog entries.  Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs sat idle for 12 months, but things are about to change.

Please understand that I am a grandma, mom, or friend who likes to create special memories for those I love with cookies crafted just for them.  I do not expect a thousand followers.  I will not merit commercial endorsements.  This is my online scrapbook of cookies.  Plain and simple.  Genuine and generic.

You will not find tutorials here.  I can barely remember how I stumbled through a cookie, so step-by-step directions just aren't going to happen.  A batch of cookies take me two days, so how would I ever find the time to stop and take award-winning, perfect lighting photos? 

Here is my New Year's resolution (almost 2 months late):  I will continue my blog, photo journaling all of my special treats for my special someones.    Plain and simple, Cookie Cheers to all!

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