Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fruit Salad

When I put together a tray of cookies, I like to add some elements of interest. These strawberries, apples, and cherries will be added to a platter that has gold graduation caps for someone who completed a degree in Food and Nutrition. I predict that the cherries will be the first to disappear from the tray. There is something very tempting about these itsy bitsy bites! Everyone seems to resist the larger cookies but reasons, "Just one small cookie won't hurt." Before you know it, the mini bites have been nibbled away! My pricing for a dozen cookies is based on 12 basic 3" cookies. I would actually count 3 of these cherries as one cookie in my dozen. Lots of math in baking cookies! Hopefully, they add up to lots of smiles for guests at the graduation party. I will leave you in suspense and post the final product in a later post. Be sure to get those five daily servings of fruits and vegetables!

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